SMS – the convenient way to communicate

SMS or short message service has revolutionised the way we send and receive messages. Earlier people would send letters and wait in anticipation to get a reply or response – however SMS has changed all of that.

All you have to do is type the text on your keypad and once the number you wish to send is chosen, just hit the button and your message is off to its destination. Mobile phones have become very common and almost everybody uses one and SMS is a popular feature which cannot go unnoticed. SMS allows you to send or receive messages within a fraction of second.

You can not only send messages from one phone to another but also via the web or email. This is done via an SMS gateway. Email to SMS is the latest and the most efficient way of communicating. It is cheaper than normal SMS and you can send to hundreds or even thousands of people at once at extremely low rates.

Email to SMS is a great tool, whether you are marketing a particular product or service, or merely keeping existing customers updated about your business.

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