Internet SMS convenient and better than e-mail and post

Today, technology plays an important role in our day-to-day life. Over the past few years there have been several changes in the communication industry. In the olden days it used to take a long time to send a message from one person to other, especially if the receiver stayed far away.

With technology coming more and more into the picture, the whole scenario and ways of communication have rapidly evolved. Post and e-mails are now becoming old-fashioned methods with the evolution of SMS. SMS is an abbreviation of Short Messaging Service. Today SMS plays a vital role in the communication industry. Many people have switched over from e-mail, post and telephonic communication to SMS. It is considered as the simplest, most efficient and cost effective way of communicating with people.

Features of SMS:

  • SMS message is delivered straight into customers phone
  • You get an acknowledgement of messages reaching the recipients mobile with delivery reports
  • It hardly takes a minute to send SMS
  • No paper is used (environmentally friendly)
  • It is much cheaper than paying for paper, stamps and packaging

Internet SMS is regarded as a spam free mode of communication. Bulk SMS service can provide real time benefits to large business organisations. They can easily send messages to their employees. Internet SMS can also be used as a marketing tool with which companies can inform their customer’s about ongoing special offers. Another important advantage of email to SMS is that you can send SMS messages to many people at a time.

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