Online text messaging for reaching out to one and all

Online text messaging or sending SMS via the internet is surely the most fascinating and fastest way of getting in touch with everyone. Whether the receiver is online or offline, sending messages through the internet is one of the quickest ways to communicate. You can type messages very easily and quickly using the keyboard instead of the mobile phone’s tiny keypad.

All that you have to do is to go online and type the receiver’s cell number in the designated field. The second step is to type the subject of the message while the third step is obviously to type the content of your message you wish to send. An important point to note here is that the total limit of words that you can enter is 160 characters. Finally, the last step is to choose the cellular service provider of the receiver from the given list. That is it, once you hit the send button your message is on its way to the receiver.

Online text messaging is so well designed that it enables you to send more than one message to more than one receiver at the same. Due to this feature, sending bulk messages has become very easy and quite common in almost every organisation as it is extremely cost efficient. This facility is available at a very nominal charge and is a great tool for marketing and promoting products and services. Bulk messaging serves the purpose of reaching out to the masses by the click of a single button.

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