Bulk SMS and its features

While sending messages from one mobile phone to another is common, the ability to send SMSs in bulk or in large quantity (also known as bulk SMS) is highly efficient. One single message can be sent across to several users. Bulk SMS is a concept that allows you to upload contact numbers of users manually or by using phone entries on your cell phone or by simply using the contact text file.

One need not be a technical expert to use this application, all you need is a PC and an email id and an internet connection. In organisations where messages have to be sent to every employee, it is ideal to use such a facility as it saves abundant time and the hassle of typing messages on the miniature keypad of a cell phone are done away with.

However, the biggest advantage of using bulk SMS is in marketing or promoting a product. The cost induced is modest and the reach is massive. Almost the entire population is dependent on the cell phone to daily updates and conversations. Therefore, to ensure that your product has been launched and visible to everyone text messages are ideal.

As they are bound to reach everyone within the same time frame the reach of the bulk messages is quick and reliable. Bulk SMS is very useful for organisations and companies who have to promote their products time and again as it is cost efficient and the results are very effective.

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