Online text messages on your cell phone

While we are all well acquainted to the SMS or short service message which is sent from one mobile phone to another, few of us know that the same SMS can also be sent to a mobile phone via an email.

Technology is growing so rapidly that we need to keep in touch all the while at a cost which is affordable and a speed which is unmatchable. An SMS gateway provides the facility of sending a message from an email id to a mobile phone. All you need to have is the contact number. It is that simple.

This facility is most beneficial for organisations that need to get in touch with several employees on a day to day basis. An important feature of this facility is that you can message several users at the same time and this sending of messages in bulk is known as bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS has become an effective tool for marketing and promoting products that are either new to the market or have faded away with passing time. It is therefore, necessary to reintroduce these products and make them visible to the masses. As most of the people are hooked on to the mobile phones it is easier to reach them via the same. Therefore, the intelligent thing to do is to create an impact by sending messages on the cell phone so that it reaches to a larger audience.

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