Growing demand for online SMS

TynTec, a mobile messaging operator, has announced a deal with corporate SMS provider Red Oxygen. TynTec is to provide high quality message delivery to the SMS provider, plus the deal even ensures that Red Oxygen’s SMS services will benefit from TynTec’s 15 second delivery guarantee.

Red Oxygen offers email-to-SMS, bulk SMS, and Microsoft Outlook SMS. The company enables enterprises to benefit from scheduled SMS, calendar reminders, email replies, bulk message delivery, single number reception, premium SMS and CC-to-email. TynTec aims to provide Red Oxygen with the same.

The main aim behind the deal is to offer customers a guarantee that every message sent arrives within 15 seconds. The online text messaging industry is innovating and creating novel solutions. You can find many companies offering a plethora of SMS and email related solutions to make your life simpler.

In the modern age, email to SMS, internet SMS and online text messaging have become crucial. People need to stay connected at every step and hence these services are in great demand. In fact, those individuals or organisations that do not currently make use of these facilities should register.

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