SMS, the most convenient way of communicating

There are several benefits of SMS. SMS makes it possible to send your message to the desired recipient within a fraction of a second without disturbing the receiver. While on the other hand a phone call is time consuming and is a source of disturbance during work hours. SMS is less time consuming compared to a phone call and even email.

A sent SMS does not directly go to the client’s mobile phone. In other words SMS is a store and forward service. In case the client’s phone is either switched off or not in a network zone, the message is stored in the SMS centre until the recipient turns their mobile phone on or moves into range. The SMS is then sent to the recipient when they switch on the mobile phone.

Apart from one to one messaging, SMS also helps to send messages to large number of people at the same time. This service is used by online mobile service providers to provide news or other information to subscribers or by companies to contact groups of employees. This service is known as broadcasting. This service saves a lot of precious time during business hours and even reduces the cost of communicating.

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