Why is the concept of Bulk SMS so popular?

A message being sent from one mobile phone to another is fairly common. However, the ability to send SMS in bulk is rather new and is aptly termed ‘bulk messaging’. The concept is simple: a single message can be sent to many different users at the same time. The numbers of the mobile phone users can either be uploaded manually or through the contact text file.

A PC, internet connection and an email id are all sufficient for using this method. Especially in large organisations, where the employees are large in number, bulk messaging is both time and cost efficient.

All one has to do is enter the phone numbers and forward them through an email id. There is hardly any difference between the time taken for sending one message or several messages. Even the tiresome job of typing endlessly on a miniature keypad is eliminated.

This makes the entire process faster. The delivery report feature on the mobile phone can notify the delivery of the message to the intended recipient.

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