Bulk messaging cuts costs and saves time

SMS or short message service has several advantages. One of the biggest is that it is more discrete than a telephone conversation. SMS is a service that is ‘store and forward’ in nature. This means that the message sent does not store directly into the mobile phone of the receiver. The SMS Centre stores a message, often for up to a few days, until the receiver switches their phone on or moves back into range. The message will then be delivered.

Compared to email, SMS is a spam-free mode of communication. The certainty of message delivery is also more reliable than the email. Online text messaging is a concept that combines both email and SMS for faster and more reliable services. Bulk messaging is an important feature of online text messaging.

Bulk messaging is ideal for larger organisations and companies that have several employees. The concept of bulk messaging helps to issue immediate alerts to all the employees at a particular time. Updating several clients and customers at once becomes easy with bulk SMS.

Bulk messaging reduces both cost and time. The process requires a PC, internet and a bulk SMS service. Always opt for services that are reliable. Online text messaging can provide you with an extra edge over your competitors.

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