Online text messaging – An economic and effective marketing strategy

There are many ways of communicating. The latest and most convenient way is through mobile phones. People always carry their mobile phone with them and hence they can be contacted at any time. SMS or Short Messaging Service is one of the best ways of reaching people and publicising your product or company.

Marketing through SMS is highly effective because in more than 80% of the cases an SMS is read by the person who receives it. The text can be short and to the point. So within a few seconds people get to know about your company and its product. Any other media cannot offer you such a direct method of communication where you can directly address your consumers and clients.

Further, SMS is a very economic and easy way of advertising. Bulk SMS services and online text messaging services are available via the internet. After you register with the online messaging service you just need to write the message once and provide them with the phone numbers and the rest is their responsibility.

Online text messaging ensures that you reach out to the exact person who is most likely to buy your products.

Bulk SMS is sent through the internet and is delivered instantly. Hence marketing through online text messaging is very effective for companies which have a deadline. Online companies providing bulk SMS services also track and report whether the SMS has been delivered or not.

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