Bulk SMS – A highly effective way of advertising

Presently, commercial enterprises can become successful only by correct and ample advertising. Advertising through electronic and print media is usually the first choice since it offers a wide audience and ensures that a large part of the population is communicated to.

Although this is an effective and glamorous way of advertising, it is highly expensive and sometimes useless. In this way of advertising, you cannot target a specific audience since you cannot make sure that your targeted audience watch the TV commercial or read the newspaper advertisement.

So marketing through SMS is becoming immensely popular with commercial institutions irrespective of their size. Bulk SMS via the internet, has many advantages. It is easy, economic and highly effective.

As almost everybody carries a mobile, you can easily reach them through SMS. SMS unlike emails cannot be spammed and is almost instantly delivered to the receiver. As the receiver has to go through the SMS to know who sent it, they are sure to read it. SMS is a short message and so it is precise and to the point, which is beneficial for marketing.

Bulk SMS services are provided by online companies and are very economical. Once you register with a company who provide bulk SMS services they deliver your message to the targeted numbers.

When using bulk SMS as a marketing strategy you have a chance of selecting targeted customers, clients and consumers who are most likely to use your services or buy your products. Thus the effectivity of bulk SMS as a marketing strategy is unquestionable.

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