Bulk SMS – a great marketing tool

SMS or ‘short messaging service’ is becoming extremely popular these days. It is the most popular mode of communication at present. Using an SMS service, businesses and individuals can convey their message to their clients and other people very effectively. SMS is also regarded as a spam free mode of communication. One can send an SMS message with the help of a mobile phone or the internet.

Internet SMS is gaining more popularity at present as it eliminates the need for typing a message using a mobile phone’s mini keypad. One can conveniently type the desired message using a computer’s full size QWERTY keyboard. It is quick, easy and saves a lot of time. Another service which is popularly known as bulk SMS is getting popular as well as it enables large businesses and companies to create awareness about their products, services and offers amongst customers and employees.

Bulk SMS is a private service that enables institutions and organisations to send or receive a large number of messages. Companies can also receive delivery reports of the SMS messages that they have sent to customers. A single message can be forwarded to many recipients. A sender can decide the number of recipients to whom they want to send a message. The minimum number of recipients is one and the maximum would completely depend on the sender. However, there is a restriction of 160 characters per message.

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