Are you aware of internet SMS?

Most of us are not comfortable using mobile phones for text messaging. Messaging using mobile phones is sometimes a tedious task and it can also be a little expensive.

However, internet technology has made it possible to receive and send text messages from the desktop, via email. Typing using the keyboard is easier than typing on mobile phones. All you need is a computer and internet connection. The service in question is Internet Text Messaging. The new trend of using the internet for text messaging is growing. Anonymous messaging is possible with internet SMS and so you can send a message without disclosing your real identity.

Internet text messaging is a reliable, secure gateway that allows you to receive and send text messages. Messages can be sent from the desktop by email or can be integrated with servers or back-office applications. You just need a standard web browser to make use of internet text messaging. No other software is required. You will be informed of the delivery status, once the message is sent.

Internet SMS is easy to use and is ideal for bulk messaging. You can message a single person or a group simultaneously. It is a paid service and monthly packages are available. You do not incur any charges for receiving messages, plus delivery and reply receipts are free of charge.

Internet SMS is an emerging trend for businesses and is a growing technology.

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  1. While we’re in the Are you aware of internet SMS? zone, The first thing in configuring your system will be to get a good form processing script. This script will be used to enable your subscriber to submit their information via a form and send the data to a specified address.

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