Email to text: The ideal business service

Receiving and sending texts by email is becoming an increasingly popular trend. The Email to SMS service helps you send and receive text messages from Gmail, IBM Lotus Notes, Outlook, Groupwise, Thunderbird or any other email application. It is an efficient way of networking and the possibilities are endless.

The email to text service is ideal for business organisations; it promotes fast business; it is beneficial in more ways than one; it is also an excellent way of sending text message alerts. The service is far from complicated; you do not require complex passwords or special formatting; you do not need any special training or expertise and the delivery reports and replies are sent directly to your inbox. What is more, it can be easily integrated with your address book; it enables you to send quick notifications and is a hassle free service.

Any machine or application within your organisation can benefit from text messaging facilities. You need to register to create an email account. The email is converted into a text message and sent to the concerned mobile number. Once the message is delivered, you will receive an email that will show you the time the message was received. Any replies received, will be emailed to you.

It is a paid service and monthly packages are available. There are no hidden charges involved, so rest assured, you will not incur any additional expenses.

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