What are the advantages of SMS?

Many of us use mobile phones. SMS or short messaging service is one of the most popular methods of personal communication. It has many advantages. SMS is an ideal way to have short conversations without having to call or talk and it is very helpful when you do not want to get disturbed. If we compare it with a phone call or an e-mail then it is often less time consuming.

SMS is basically a store-and-forward type of service. The text message that you send does not transmit directly to the recipient’s phone. The advantage of this is that the recipient’s mobile phone does not have to be in range or active when you send an SMS. The SMS message that you send is stored in an SMSC.

The recipient will receive the message when he or she comes back into network range or when they switch on their phone. Another advantage of an SMS service is that you get a delivery report once the message is delivered to the recipient’s cell phone. Compared to bulk e-mailing, sending bulk SMS messages is considered a spam free mode of communication. The e-mail sometimes may wind up in junk mail, but as far as an SMS message is concerned the delivery to the desired recipient is certain.

The performance of SMS messages is accurate and much faster. An SMS messaging service is the easiest, most convenient, most efficient method of communication.

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