New Feature – Bulk SMS

One of our potential customers wanted to be able to send a set of text messages as a bulk upload. They have a spreadsheet at the moment that holds a list of customers, and they amount that each customer owes on their account.

The requirement is to be able to send a personalised text message to each customer that shows how much they owe on their account. The information is currently held in a spreadsheet that our prospect would like to be able to upload to, and have a text message sent to the appropriate mobile numbers, with the correct dates and amounts being substituted in each message

We were going to initially integrate the spreadsheet with a bespoke piece of code, but we think that this is such a good idea that we’re going to make the service more generic and offer it to all our customers.

After the spreadsheet is uploaded, and the validation checks had passed, the user will be asked to check the messages are correct before they were sent. Each text message will be shown in a table to the user, and they could perform whatever checks they saw fit. If the user is happy, then the texts will be sent to the appropriate mobile phones.

We’re developing this feature now, and it should be available in a couple of weeks. We’ll announce it when it’s launched.

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