Internet SMS and bulk SMS – getting popular with marketers

Today, a mobile phone has become an indispensable tool for communication. Unlike the olden days, using a mobile phone has also become relatively cheap. Mobile phones greatly help people to be in contact with the world. Presently, more than making and receiving phone calls, the mobile phone is also used to send and receive SMS.

Short messaging service or SMS is getting very popular these days as it helps one to remain in contact without disturbing anyone. This contemporary messaging service has transformed the way in which people communicate. In fact, SMS has helped several organisations to stay connected with their customers and employees.

Web to text
The web to text messaging service provides you with an alternative to send messages with your own mobile number. This will enable you to get the replies straight to your phone. For easy reference, you can also access your messages that are stored in the online address book. Web to text messaging is ideal for sending bulk messages.

Email to text
Email to text messaging provides great connectivity and freedom. This service lets you send and receive text messages using any e-mail application like Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, Lotus Notes or Outlook. This service is ideally designed for businesses which enable them to send messages to everyone in the organisation. It is convenient, cost-effective and easy to use which is the best part of this service.

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