Email to SMS is ideal for business use

You can send and receive text messages using different email packages available online. Email to SMS is a convenient easy to use service. You do not require special expertise to make use of this service. You can create and send regular emails and have replies delivered to your inbox.

The email to SMS service is compatible with email applications like Gmail, Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, Thunderbird and GroupWise. You can create, send and receive messages using these email applications.

Email to SMS is ideal for business use. It increases overall productivity and efficiency of an organisation. More and more businesses are opting for the Email to SMS service. It is also apt for creating message alerts. What’s more, it easily integrates with your address book. It automatically removes signatures and email disclaimers. There are cost effective price plans available online. You just need to register to get started.

Given today’s fast paced competitive urban environment, Email to SMS is a must-use service for every organisation. Emails can be conveniently converted into text messages and delivered across. You also receive delivery receipts for all text messages delivered.

Thanks to its many features, Email to SMS is highly advantageous. The price plans are very flexible and cost effective. There are no set up charges. Delivery receipts and replies are free. There are no mandatory contract periods on any plans.

Email to SMS is the way to go so expand your business by interacting effectively and efficiently.

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