The advantages of opting for the ‘Receive Texts’ service

Today the world has become flat. With instant connectivity and the access to distant lands (via the internet) life has become simpler. You really do not need to take a flight to personally meet your client in Kenya or India. You could simply communicate with them in any part of the world through text messaging.

Let’s take the simple example of the ‘Receive Texts’ service. This ingenious service uses virtual mobile numbers to receive messages from people. You have two options in this case: either dedicated or shared numbers. For dedicated numbers all texts received will be forwarded to you, whereas with a shared number each text must begin with a specific keyword.

The best part about it all is the texts you receive can be sent as an email, displayed on a website. It is that simple. The service offers you international format numbers that work worldwide and you can take advantage of the facility at a flat fee, with no additional message charges. The service providers offer you worldwide coverage.

The world is constantly growing smaller in terms of connectivity. And the ‘Receive Texts’ service is one example of the ingenious world of instant messaging.

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