Internet SMS – communicate easily

SMS or short messaging service is becoming a common method of communication. It enables mobile phone users to exchange short text messages and communicate with each other with relative ease. However, internet SMS is another innovative feature that enables people to send SMS over the internet to mobile phones across the world.

Internet SMS can be sent by anyone, anywhere. To send an internet SMS, all you need to do is just logon to the internet SMS provider’s website, type a message and send it. It is that simple. As the online text messaging service proves to be a good way to stay in touch with employees and customers, it is slowly gaining a lot of popularity across the world.

You can write a message of up to 160 characters and then send it. Another useful advantage of internet SMS is that it lets you send bulk messages. Using the bulk messaging service, you can send a single message to several recipients.

Moreover, compared to the mini keypad of a mobile phone, it is very easy to type a message using a full size QWERTY keyboard on a computer. Internet SMS is fast, simple and also provides you with delivery reports. Thus, internet SMS proves to be a convenient method of communication.

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