Simple steps for using the internet to send customers messages

Mobile phones are one of the few important things that people do not leave their homes without. This is because important calls and messages will be missed.

One of the best benefits of mobile phones is their SMS feature. Messages on mobile phones can be read, even hours after receiving them and stored in the phone’s memory. This is exactly the feature that businesses need to take advantage of while trying to promote their products and services. If you are a business owner, you probably think this could be troublesome and expensive right? Well it does not have to be.

Welcome to the E-mail to SMS service

This service is extremely useful to companies that need to improve their marketing strategies. The e-mail to SMS service allows companies to send mail in the form of mobile messages and at regular messaging rates so that customers can read them when they feel like it. Using the e-mail to SMS service is not difficult either. It involves easy steps

• Once you have an e-mail to SMS account created, you can create an e-mail through any email application.

• Then all you have to do is send it to the desired recipients with the help of an online address book that is provided.

• Recipients will receive your message in the form of a regular message and when they do, you will get a delivery report saying so.

An additional feature of the e-mail to SMS service is that should you get any replies, they will be mailed straight to you.

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