All you need to know about internet SMS

Internet SMS is still a fairly new form of communication. An internet SMS service allows you to send a text message to multiple recipients at once, usually anywhere in the world. An internet SMS provider is all you need to be able to send SMS through the internet to anywhere in the world. By using internet SMS service you can send a text message to anyone using your computer.

Internet SMS is cheap
Compared to regular SMS, internet SMS which is sent in bulk is a much cheaper option. As the internet is used for sending the text message to the recipients, the service providers charge very economical rates. Internet SMS is thus an extremely useful method of communicating for commercial organisations that have to stay in touch with their employees, clients and customers at all times.

Internet SMS is effective
These days, almost everyone has a mobile phone. Studies reveal that about 90% people read their SMS, the moment they receive it. Thus, internet SMS is a very effective way to communicate with a large number of people directly and instantly.

Internet SMS can be used for multiple purposes
The effectiveness and low cost of internet SMS makes it a desirable tool that can be used by commercial organisations for different things. Internet SMS is thus used for staying in touch with the customers and maintaining good customer service. Internet SMS is also used for advertising and marketing purposes, as it is a modern way to stay in touch with employees.

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