Internet SMS, making the world a smaller place

Bulk SMS has become a very vital part of communication in organisations with a lot of employees. It is necessary to reach out to people by spending as little money as possible. In today’s world, with economic crunch hitting hard on all companies it has become necessary for them to cut costs wherever they can. It is for this reason the relatively new methods such as internet SMS has found popularity. Internet SMS is a very cost effective way to message each and every employee. Apart from this, it is a big time saver as it can be done at one time and effortlessly.

Marketer’s new tool
Besides being used by companies, a lot of other people are using it to contact groups of people, whether it is fellow employees, friends or relatives. E-mail to SMS is where people send SMS via e-mail to people on their mobile phones. This concept has caught the eye of marketers who are using this to send bulk SMS to lists of people whom they want to target. There are people who SMS updates, news, products, schemes, etc. using online text messaging services.

New uses arising from Internet SMS
There are many new applications of internet SMS, like emergency messaging and warning messages are sent by the government to the public on safety issues. Advertising campaigns are also carried out using internet SMS to send to large number of people.

Internet SMS is fast, cheap and effective, which is what has made it so popular.

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  1. Bulk SMS communication reduces communication costs for a company and improves their staff efficiency as they can invest less time in contacting clients.

    Majority of the SMS’s can be automated by using a SMS API to connect your application to the SMS gateway.

    Payment notifications, billing notifications, birthday messages, appointment reminders and promotions are just a few examples of the types of SMS’s you could be sending to clients.

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