Online text messaging the next big step in the evolution of communication

Short messaging service, or SMS, has become one the most useful tools of communication today. Communication with one another has been embedded into our lives as human beings. Human beings have survived all through the centuries as a result of their ability to communicate with each other.

History of communication
Messaging has been in our lives since the ancient times. Red Indians used smoke signals as a way of messaging from far of distances. The invention of the Morse code saw people being able to communicate with each other over large distances. Naval ships and sea fairing ships use light signals to communicate in the dark or during storms. The invention of the telephone enabled two people to talk each other. After a few decades came the invention of the mobile phones, portable hand held telephone devices were also invented.

How internet SMS works
Mobile phones allowed people not only to talk to each other but also to text message each other through SMS. This service is now not only from one mobile phones to another but also from internet to mobile. Online text messaging allows you to customise personal messages as needed, so that they can have an impact on whoever they are sent to. There are many websites which offer such services, and any person can make use of such services by registering themselves on the website or creating an e-mail account and thus availing this service.

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