Online text messaging – The new age marketing technique

Companies are well aware of the different marketing techniques that will help their businesses prosper. While most companies use these techniques the way they are, there are some companies that go one step ahead and use unusual ways to reach their clients and customers. Of the most recent ways, online text messaging has become quite a popular marketing scheme for a number of companies.

Why are companies using online text messaging for marketing?

Online text messaging has proven to be one of the most useful forms of direct marketing today. A survey shows that as compared to e-mails, text messages are more likely to be opened by recipients. This shows that online text messaging is surely better at reaching out to customers than other forms of marketing. Online text messaging is a more personal way of reaching customers, something that they appreciate.

Is using online text messaging easy?

There is no doubt that using online text messaging as a marketing technique is relatively simple. This service is just like text messaging from phones; only it is done through the internet. Online text messaging can be used through any regular e-mail application. Companies that are using this service are usually provided with an online address book where the contacts of their customers are stored. This makes online text messaging extremely easy as you need only to select the contacts once the message is complete and send it to them.

The rates of using online text messaging are lower compared to regular messaging. This and the ease of using the service have made online text messaging a very popular marketing tool.

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