Key uses of the bulk SMS service

Bulk SMS services are being used extensively, not only by commercial organisations but also by government agencies. The best advantage of using bulk SMS is that it is delivered at once to a large number of recipients. Discussed below are some of the popular uses of the bulk SMS service.

Bulk SMS for maintaining customer relations
Many commercial companies stay in direct touch with their customers in an economical way by using bulk SMS services. This is easier and less expensive than any other way of communication. Companies use bulk SMS services for greeting their customers and maintaining good relations.

Bulk SMS for promotional purposes
When a bulk SMS is sent out, the message is delivered to a large number of people at once. The maximum people read a delivered text message instantly as these are short and to the point. Thus, companies use bulk SMS services to promote new products or for declaring the launch of a new store or product by telling people directly via a text message.

Bulk SMS for staying in touch with company staff

Bulk SMS services are used by companies to keep in contact with their staff. Sending bulk SMS is in fact the cheapest and most effective way of conveying important information to the ground-level employees.

So, decide how you can use the bulk SMS to your benefit.

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