A new study highlights importance of SMS as marketing channel

A new study has highlighted the importance of SMS when it comes to reaching out to today’s tech-savvy consumers. The new ExactTarget study has outlined six distinct personas while measuring how each of them interacts with different media. Here are highlights of the research report:

Wired Users – About 20 percent of them subscribed for various marketing communications via SMS (importantly, more so than any other group), but they wish to receive texts for urgent customer service issues only. These include key travel updates or financial alerts.

Young Homemakers – Over half of them make use of social networks as well as SMS during the day. Direct mail and e-mail are also among their preferred marketing channels or avenues.

Retired – About 94 percent of them have been influenced by some kind of direct marketing.

College Students – Being very tech-savvy, they are finicky about private communication channels like SMS and social networks from a marketing point of view.

Teens – They are more likely to buy from direct mail, and then followed by e-mail, SMS and social network sites.

Established Professionals – Women, within this group, are more likely to use digital media channels such as IM, SMS, and networking to communicate with family and friends. But men use these media more to shop online.

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