Ways of online text messaging

Online text messages can be sent and received on your personal computer, via email or on your mobile telephone. Thousands of customers make use of this fast and reliable service to suit their convenience.

The service provides features at no extra cost in receiving and sending texts, long messages, international messaging at same rates, pre-paid accounts, online account management, flexible sender ID and customer service.

E-mail to text: Internet SMS can be sent and received from any email application, be it outlook, Gmail or Thunderbird. As no particular formatting and passwords are needed, this form of messaging is easy to use. The service has features like delivery reports received directly to your inbox and an integrated address book.

Web to text: A standard web browser is used to send and receive text messages. It provides the facility messaging groups. Besides, it configures an online address book.

Direct response: This can be done in two ways – dedicated or shared numbers. In case of dedicated numbers, all text is forwarded while a shared number would require a key word. This offers you scope for international format numbers that work worldwide, no additional message charges, text can be received via e-mail.

Developer’s API: Through this operation, texts can be sent as an HTTP Post or any e-mail. The features include single flat rates for hundreds of networks worldwide; a single API can send messages to a large group world wide.

Bulk text messaging: This enables one to send messages in bulk while customising each message.

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