The opportunities provided to marketers by online text messaging

The short message service or SMS to many people is one of the best ways to reach people with short to the point types of information. It has become a very personal form of communication in which many people use messages to contact people close to them. In fact a new language has come about as a result of SMS. This language uses various new terms and shortened word forms to communicate to people.

A new language of communication
This language of communication is especially being used by teenagers but is also used by people of all ages. Mobile phones have become so much a part of our lives that we cannot go anywhere without them. Children as young as 6 or 7 now own their own mobile phones. Most of our lives now revolve around mobile phones because of the convenience they have bought into our lives. We can contact anyone we know at the push of a button. Marketers have observed this with a keen eye and have taken advantage of this opportunity presented to them. They have found a new exciting way to have an impact on the mass audience.

SMS – A Marketer’s Tool
Marketers have used this opportunity, as there are many companies online that are offering services such as online text messaging services. Using these they can send a bulk set of SMS to hundreds and thousands of people at one time. This is known as bulk SMS and is an inexpensive way of reaching the mass audience.

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