What advantages can Internet SMS offer to your business?

Sending SMS via the internet is fast becoming a preferred method employed by companies to tackle the problem of sending more than one message or sending the same message across to a number of people. What are the advantages of Internet SMS for a business?

• Firstly, Internet SMS requires minimal training. It blends seamlessly with your existing business communication system. You and your associates will be able to utilise this service by merely creating a different suffix to an Email address so that you are able to send Internet SMS instead of a normal Email
• Internet SMS is also a fairly inexpensive service and you will be able to save a lot of money for your company on an annual basis on the communication expenditure
• Typing SMS on a mobile phone can be taxing and quite time consuming. While you are sending Internet SMS, with the help of a computer keyboard, you will be able to accomplish this task fairly easily and with minimum problems
• Internet SMS can easily be used to send out Bulk messages. Sending the same by using Mobile phones can be time consuming as well as costly when compared to using Internet SMS service
• With the help of Internet SMS, you can also send anonymous SMS’s. This means that you will be able to send SMS’s without having to reveal your identity to the receiver

With so many advantages, it is important that you utilise this convenient but inexpensive method for your communication and promotional requirements.

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