The SMS service: A revolution in the world of marketing

Short messaging service technology was introduced in the year 2000. Ever since then this invention has created a stir in the mobile market and among mobile users. Communication became easier and life became faster. Big business companies today are opting for this remarkable service for brand marketing and hence also business recognition. The SMS service is an effective way of communication to promote marketing strategies, enabling quick messaging with the help of computers.

Everyone uses a mobile phone today. This makes it very easy to reach out to customers through the SMS service. Unlike emails, the SMS service is spam free services enabling you to have personalised marketing.

It is a simple service. You just need to type your message about any latest developments, product and services, new brands etc, and set the phone numbers you want to deliver it to. Once done, with a click on the mouse, the message will be sent. Even if the customer’s phone is switched off, it does not get erased as it will get stored on the SMSC service and beep when the phone is switched on. Customer attention is therefore guaranteed.

SMS marketing is better than phone calls too, as a salesman will not need to make the customers understand each and every point of the sales pitch. Sometimes customers may not be interested, and in such cases sending an SMS is a perfect solution as it will not disturb them.

Hence, these amazing services are captivating to business organisations, booming the world of marketing.

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