Are you familiar with internet SMS?

These days, mobile phones are used by many people. Mobile phones have now become one of the best means to be in contact with family, friends and office staff. The SMS or short messaging service is a value added service that comes as a feature on all mobile phones. Using SMS, one can send text messages to other mobile phone users and hence you can stay in touch without having to have a verbal conversation.

Although SMS is an excellent way to communicate with the recipient without disturbing others, not many people are comfortable sending SMS from their mobile phones using the tiny keypad. Messaging from mobile phones can sometimes be a tedious job and also expensive. However, with the help of a computer and internet connection, people can now send text messages over the internet. This service is popularly known as Internet SMS and is widely used by most advertisers and big businesses.

Typing a text message using the QWERTY keyboard is much easier than the mini keypad of a mobile phone. So, in order to send internet SMS, all you need to do is have a computer along with an internet connection. One of the major advantages of this service is that it does not require the installation of any third party application as you can easily send text messages using the internet browser.

Internet SMS is convenient, reliable and highly secure which not only allows you to send text messages but also provides you with the delivery reports. With internet SMS you can also send a single message to a number of different recipients which adds another advantage. So, if you are a company who wants to stay connected with your customers and employees, internet SMS is the best option.

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