Online text messaging allows clubs to communicate with players

According to the latest reports from one of the leading mobile marketing firms, SMS marketing is emerging as a top tool for sports clubs that wish to keep in direct contact with their players. SMS marketing is ideal, quick and easy for sending important messages to a large group of people.

Rugby, golf and football clubs use internet SMS to send out messages to their members in order to keep them updated with the latest events and activities happening in the club. Nelson RFC in Wales is one of the rugby clubs that have successfully introduced text messaging campaigns.

The club is reported to use text messages to communicate with players and coaches about training, match timings, team selection and committee meetings. Club manager, Rob Bowden, said that text messaging has worked wonders to ensure player turnout at training sessions. He also said that they had a great reply to their training day alerts. In fact, they wanted to introduce a complete new team following a 15% increase in training turnout.

Football club, Preston North End, also utilises internet SMS to keep players updated about club news. A spokesperson from the club said that text messaging proves to be ideal for speedy communication. It can easily and quickly send out a single message to a large group of people which is one of the biggest advantages of the internet SMS service.

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