SMS marketing provides remarkable results for Bistro Live

Businesses have always been encouraged to consider the benefits of SMS marketing after the success of a campaign led by Bistro Live restaurant group. Presently, the organisation has a record of over 10,000 customers who opted to receive promotional literature and offers on their mobile phones.

During a particular event, the latest text-based promotional strategy encouraged around 2.7 percent of receivers to spend a total of over £8,000 at the Bistro Live outlets. Editor of Mobile Marketing Magazine, David Murphy expressed this as “impressive”, especially as the company only paid around £470 to run the promotional campaign. Due to these impressive results, David greatly recommends that other small businesses utilise SMS marketing strategies to get the best results.

David Murphy said that the Bistro Live story makes clear the opportunity that mobile SMS marketing provides to smaller organisations. According to uSwitch statistics, approximately 60 billion text messages are sent every year by consumers in the UK.

With mobile phones being used by the majority of people, it would be ideal for organisations to promote their brand using SMS marketing strategies. Bulk SMS is one of the best features of internet SMS and allows the senders to send a single SMS to numerous recipients at the same time.

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