38% of UK retailers use business SMS for promotional campaigns

According to recent research carried out by mobile transaction network, mBlox, more than two thirds of consumers in the UK would like to receive their shopping coupons in the form of a text message.  Not only that, almost a third of them are already familiar with this concept and have used mobile shopping coupons.

The research revealed that over 70% of UK consumers would be interested in receiving coupons via SMS while out shopping, to alert them of special offers or promotions and such like – could add a whole new dimension to Tesco Club points!

In addition, separate research carried out by the Mobile Marketing Association has shown that a quarter of  European consumers (based in France, Germany and the UK) would be more likely to respond to advertising  campaigns of any medium if they could do so using their mobile phones, with SMS being the preferred option.

With such astonishing figures, there is little wonder that over 38% of retailers in the UK have incorporated SMS marketing into their overall advertising and promotional strategies.

Why are the statistics so high for SMS compared to other marketing mediums?

  • Well for starters there are more mobile devices than any other technology gadgets in the UK, so the potential business reach is enormous
  • More and more businesses are turning to SMS for important communications because emails can easily get lost or overlooked
  • Bulk text messages are delivered within seconds and redeemed within minutes – no other communications method can reach consumers so quickly and in such a contextual way
  • SMS allows for easy interaction – consumers only have to text a key word to a mobile number or short code in order to receive further information
  • High response rates allow retailers to further tailor their advertising campaigns.
  • SMS marketing allows consumers to engage with big brands – bringing them to life
  • SMS is the preferred communications method for the younger generation
  • SMS can compliment overall marketing campaigns
  • And finally – Receiving tickets, coupons etc via mobile phones as text messages helps businesses to become greener in the way they operate. 

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