Mobile marketing campaigns using SMS are getting popular with marketers

Major brands are now looking to invest in innovative and effective mobile marketing campaigning over the next few years, according to a new independent survey conducted among large brands in the retail, manufacturing and financial service sectors. The survey was commissioned by O2.

The O2 survey concludes that mobile marketing budgets of the top brands are set to go up by a whopping 150 per cent in the next five years or so. The survey also reveals that the brands do not think the economic slowdown will hugely affect what is allocated to mobile marketing and communications. In fact, the percentage will keep on increasing owing to its inherent benefits.

While online advertising is currently more popular compared to mobile-based marketing, nearly two thirds of businesses surveyed stated that the latter (mobile marketing campaigns) are already generating a higher response rate than other traditional methods owing to the more personal way in which they can reach and address their customers.
In a nutshell, mobile marketing campaigns comprising SMS marketing are getting more popular with marketers. According to the survey, almost sixty per cent of marketing directors favour mobile marketing owing to its highly targeted nature.

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