Use email to SMS to generate sales leads and benefit from higher sales conversion rates

Use email to SMS for lead generation

Email has always been a popular choice for direct marketing campaigns and lead generation. In recent years, however, it has had to compete against a number of different communications methods, with social media being the most prevalent.


As Facebook and Twitter grows in popularity, thousands of companies are jumping on the social media bandwagon without really understanding its true potential in order to try and drive more traffic to their websites and generate leads.


An obvious communications channel that has, to a large extent, remained relatively untapped in the sphere of lead generation is SMS. Here at we find this really surprising considering the sheer number of mobile phones there are in circulation.


However, while email-based campaigns are no longer that effective, email provides a great mechanism for sending out and managing SMS-based campaigns. SMS messages can be sent out in bulk to individuals or predefined groups quickly and cost-effectively using existing email systems.


No plug-ins are needed and no training is required – all you have to do is integrate our SMS gateway with your email system, which can be done easily via our developers API.


The majority of people read their text messages as soon as they receive them. Consumers are also comfortable with replying to text messages because it is quick and they do not have to enter into a conversation. What’s more all replies can be monitored in real-time. If you take all these factors into consideration, SMS driven campaigns have the potential to generate good quality leads that can be followed up and converted into orders by your sales teams.


Below are more reasons why we believe SMS should play an important role in your direct marketing activities.

  • Concise -SMS messages are to the point. Any message that includes clearly visible information of what is on offer will encourage potential customers to respond if they are interested

  • Direct – SMS pushes itself directly in front of your customers. There are no buttons to click or apps to download.

  • Wide marketing reach – There are more mobile phones in circulation than any other technology device so the potential reach of your marketing messages are enormous

  • Personalised – Unlike other devices – mobile phones are very personal. By asking some intricate questions, it is possible to build up detailed profiles of potential customers.

  • Targeted – Accurate data allows you to carry out targeted marketing campaigns

  • Easy to manage – Because SMS messages are generated via email, your sales staff can manage all correspondence from a single user interface. Furthermore all SMS replies are delivered directly to the original sender and not to a centralised holding box, allowing them to develop a rapport with your customers.

Sending SMS messages via email is simple Type your message as normal, but instead of typing an email address in the “To” field, you type in the recipient’s mobile number followed by


Your message is then delivered to our servers where it is converted into an SMS format and forwarded to your customers.


Our customised software will also allow you to deliver email attachments (PDF messages for example) as SMS messages by extracting key information from the data source.


Why not see for yourself how email to SMS can help you increase sales by taking out a free no-obligation trial today.


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