developers API has been customised to facilitate M2M monitoring

The number of machines in the modern world is forecast to be eight times the human population by 2050 according to Detecon, an integrated management and technology company.

We have become so dependent on them in our modern world any failures, caused by power cuts, component failure or system overload can have serious consequences.

As our dependence on machines and IT in general continues to expand and businesses increasingly automate many system processes, monitoring these systems and machines is becoming increasingly difficult, particularly as workforces become more dispersed. The right person, at the right time, in the right place must be alerted if there is a problem or system failure.

SMS is being increasingly used for machine-to-machine monitoring for a number of different reasons:

  • SMS provides “always on functionality”
  • SMS is reliable – messages are delivered almost instantaneously
  • SMS is not dependent on a 3G connection – vital for mobile workforces located in rural areas
  • SMS is cheap

The online SMS service is being used for M2M monitoring by a number of different organisations in the UK and in response to a recent customer enquiry, we have taken M2M monitoring to the next level by adding customisable attributes to our developers API.

Our customers can now, for example, allocate their own reference number (generated by their overall management systems) to alert messages rather than have to use a generic reference generated by the database.

This facility is beneficial for safety-critical or time-sensitive applications where delays to SMS alerts being received could have disastrous effects. By implementing meaningful reference numbers to each alert, system managers can quickly compile a detailed audit trail of events by tracking what time a alert message was sent and, more importantly, what time it was delivered, in the event of a problem occurring.

Such detailed monitoring facilities also enable companies to analyse their processes and procedures to become more efficient in the way they operate.

SMS messages can be delivered to email inboxes, directly to a mobile phone, to online accounts, or to all three, depending on your preferences.

Our developers’ API is easy to install and integrates with most job management and tracking systems because it is open source. Further information can be found here.

If you want your M2M monitoring system to do something specific, then contact us because we specialise in customising our standard applications

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