Cambridge-based Slepe Communications acquires SMS gateway provider Liquid Drop

Slepe Communications Ltd, a Cambridge-based company that specialises in providing bespoke online SMS applications is pleased to announce its acquisition of Liquid Drop, one of the UK’s original SMS gateways. Slepe Communications launched the service in 2007 and works with business start-ups, SMEs, large corporate and public sector organisations.

Liquid Drop began trading in 2001 and provides an extensive range of bulk SMS services to Blue Chip companies across the globe. Its customers include Oracle and MasterCard and it also provides a number of online SMS services to public sector organisations.

The acquisition involved expanding the capacity of Slepe Communications existing infrastructure to accommodate Liquid Drop’s SMS gateway into its overall SMS management platform.

The process was seamlessly completed with no disruption to customers or services and, as a result, Slepe Communications is now able to add bulk SMS services to its portfolio of applications at highly-competitive rates.

Bulk SMS is by far the most reliable and cost-effective way of sending out routine text messages, such as appointment reminders, direct marketing campaigns and job notifications in large volumes.

SMS can be used by large corporates to issue immediate alerts to employees about emergencies and/or critical situations. It can be used to send important information to key customers or suppliers (ensuring the information is received by the right person at the right time) as well as to send routine information to support engineers, field staff or technicians.

Says Robert Jagger, Managing Director of Slepe Communications: “We are really pleased to be in a position to acquire such an established organisation after only three years of trading. The acquisition has taken the business to the next level. We are in a position to grow the company by investing our cash reserves as well as by relying on organic growth.”

Slepe Communications is currently looking at acquiring other SMS providers.


About Slepe Communications

Slepe Communications is a dynamic, growing company based in Cambridge UK. Its staff has many years’ experience in the Internet and telecommunications industries, and are experts in designing, building and operating mobile Internet applications based on text messaging, web and Wi-Fi technologies.

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