Why SMS is here to stay

New Ofcom research reveals we are a nation that has become addicted to Smartphones, with people professing to using them everywhere; from the dining table to the bathroom and bedroom.

According to Ofcom’s latest Communications market report, over a quarter of adults and almost half of teenagers now own a Smartphone.

With such revelations we are often asked our opinion on mobile advertising versus SMS-based promotions and whether we think that Smatphones will result in the demise of SMS-based services. Well the simple answer is No.

There is still a place for SMS in our multi channel world. Indeed after the latest RIM debacle, Blackberry users around the world would tell you SMS and voice are the only reliable means of mobile communications available.

We may well be going Smartphone crazy but we’ve along way to go before the infrastructure is in place to truly support Smartphone applications.

In many areas of the UK consumers struggle to get a 2G signal, never mind 3G. In Europe there are already plans to start implementing 4G services!

It has also been revealed that the auctions for selling the next generation mobile phone spectrum in the UK have been postponed from the first half to the last quarter of 2012 which means we are way behind many European nations.

Granted, SMS is not as “pretty” or “flashy” as internet-based applications but at least it works.

The growth of SMS over the last 10 years (over 2000%) confirms it is still a viable communications channel and is still used as an important marketing tool by businesses worldwide and when we hear about issues such as these it is easy to understand why.

  • SMS is cheap – both for campaign executors, who can purchase SMS messages in bulk and for consumers, who can send and receive predefined numbers of messages as part of their contractsSMS is quick – messages are delivered almost instantaneously over all networks
  • SMS has a wide marketing reach – all mobile devices support SMS
  • SMS is widely understood by everyone which results in a positive user experience
  • SMS provides an Easy response mechanism – allowing for spontaneous decisions
  • SMS is direct – unlike mobile apps or mobile web pages, which require users to pro-actively access them, SMS pushes itself directly into the site of the consumer
  • SMS integrates seamlessly with e/marketing activities
  • SMS works – unlike other forms of communications people do read text messages when
  • they get them and it is easy to unsubscribe to a service – you simply text stop
  • SMS provides a great support mechanism to other forms of advertising such as TV or radio based campaigns.

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