Bulk SMS is Hulk SMS.

With the SMS came easy and fun connectivity and with the Internet, this service just got better. SMS which is a popular messaging service amongst the youth and even others has now crept over to the internet and when you were charged a lot for bulk sending SMS over your phone to others; with the internet SMS, you can send many SMS at a much cheaper price.

This type of connectivity is fast gaining popularity and now users can easily send SMS anywhere they want, and this ‘anywhere’ extends to the whole world.

So if you were hesitating to SMS that friend of yours who now lives abroad, all because you do not have the money; do not fret, for now you have the internet to do this, and all at a near-to-nothing cost!

Since this technology is very cost effective, you do not need to keep checking your balance to see how many people you can SMS, or if you still have enough to make a call.

All that is needed to use this service is a computer that has internet enabled over it. Then you need to register on the specific site and you are off to go!

Since the internet SMS service extends all over the world they are perfect for those who operate on world time for staying connected with everyone.

No more will your friends complain that you never reply for, replying never got this easy!

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