SMS is here to stay – part 2

Following on from our last blog where we looked at Smartphone apps versus SMS, we are pleased to see that ITV has re-introduced SMS voting on the X Factor for the first time since the infamous phone-in debacle of 2007.

We will certainly be voting for our favorite acts via SMS and not making any complaints to the regulators!

We are also pleased to see that SMS is also playing an increasingly important role in major TV fund raisers. This year’s Comic Relief raised over £15million via SMS donations, representing more than 20% of the total amount raised.

Even in our digital age, donating via SMS remains the most popular choice because it provides consumers with the simplest, most spontaneous donation experience. They are not required to download an app, neither are they required to register their contact details or input any credit card information on a website – a process susceptible to fraud if not managed properly.

The re-introduction of SMS for reality TV and its widespread adoption by the charity sector further highlights its importance as a viable communications medium.

Below are just some of the reasons why SMS remains a popular choice for businesses and individuals:

  • It is cheap – Campaign executors can purchase SMS messages in bulk and consumers can
  • send and receive predefined numbers of messages as part of their contracts
  • It’s quick – text messages are delivered almost instantaneously over all networks
  • It has a wide marketing reach – all phones support SMS
  • It is widely understood – which results in a positive user experience
  • It provides an easy response mechanism – allowing for spontaneous decisions
  • SMS is direct – SMS pushes itself directly into the site of the consumer
  • SMS integrates seamlessly with other e/marketing activities
  • SMS works – unlike other forms of communications people do read text messages when they get them and it is easy to unsubscribe to a service – you simply text stop

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