Use SMS to streamline cash flow and credit control

Ensuring a steady cash flow is at the heart of any commercial organisation. But when times are hard and buzz words like “austerity measures” and “cutbacks” continually make the headlines, businesses and consumers alike tend to tighten their financial belts, which often results in payment delays.

While larger organisations can usually to “ride the wave” of tougher economic climates, an irregular cash flow can be the make or break of smaller companies.

These unpaid invoices are usually not for large sums of money and administration staff find themselves spending a disproportionate amount of time either on the phone or writing letters to chase payments, because the time spent doing this can often outweigh the value of the invoice

In these instances SMS is the ideal solution. Message reminders can be quickly sent to large groups of people simultaneously. What’s more, individual messages can be customised so that they are relevant to the recipient by including key information such as the due date and the outstanding

Writing and sending out reminder messages is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is create your message(s) and distribution lists in a spreadsheet, save the document as a CSV file, upload it, review the information and press the send button.

This is much more cost effective than spending hours on the phone and leaving endless messages that are never even listened to.

SMS can also be used by councils and housing associations, and private landlords to remind tenants that their rent is overdue.

SMS will give you the desired results because, unlike other forms of communication, people do tend to read their texts. Reminders are easy to set up and because email is normally the delivery mechanism, your admin staff can manage their emails and texts from a single centralised point.  By embedding a link to a secure online payment mechanism within the message itself, you can give your clients the option to settle their debt immediately.

What else does SMS have to offer?

• It is cheap

• It is direct

• It has enormous marketing reach

• It allows for easy interaction

• It complements other communications channels

• It is targeted

A number of organisations in the UK are already using our service to better manage their credit control processes. They are also using our personalised replies facility to build rapports with their clients at no extra cost.

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