Cyber Monday – How SMS can encourage shoppers to spend more money

There have always been differences of opinion with regards to the exact date of Cyber Monday – the last Monday in November, or the first Monday in December. The date itself is not really that important. The more interesting factor is that advances in mobile technology are having such a significant impact on how we actually spend our money that our shopping habits are changing beyond all recognition.

According to a recent survey carried out by KPMG, UK shoppers are embracing technology at a faster pace than many other countries, with 77% of us preferring to buy goods like CDs, DVDs, books and video games online.

Not only that, we are increasingly using Smartphone or Tablets to make these online purchases.  With more than a quarter of the UK adult population and over a half of all teenagers owning a Smartphone, retailers are having to quickly modify their promotional campaigns to capitalise on these changes.

At we believe that SMS-based applications can complement these changes because if retailers are offering amazing online promotions, they need to make consumers aware, and one of the most cost effective ways to do this is via SMS.

All phones support SMS, so you can target traditional shoppers as well as the new-style “Smartphone shoppers”. SMS pushes itself directly in front of your consumers and isn’t reliant on them pushing buttons or downloading apps. Unlike other forms of advertising, most people do read their text messages as soon as they receive them, and if you incorporate an embedded URL in your message, you are giving your Smartphone customers the opportunity to make those impulse purchases.

Below are a number of other reasons why we believe retailers should incorporate SMS into their overall promotional campaigns:

  • Concise -SMS messages are to the point. Any message that includes clearly visible information of what is on offer will encourage potential customers to respond if they are interested
  • Cost effective – Retailers sending SMS messages in bulk can benefit from wholesale SMS pricing
  • Wide marketing reach – SMS is understood by everyone
  • Personalised – Unlike other devices, mobile phones are very personal. By asking some intricate questions, it is possible to build up detailed profiles of your customers which results in more effective marketing campaigns
  • Quick – you can send appropriate messages to pre-defined groups with a single mouse click
  • Easy to manage – Because the majority of online SMS campaigns use email as the delivery mechanism, your sales staff can manage all correspondence from a single, centralised point
  • Easy response mechanism – offering your consumers a positive experience

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