Bulk SMS Services For Small Businesses

When the majority of people hear the phrase “bulk SMS” they think of a wholesale service provided by SMS aggregators who sell millions of text messages in bulk to service providers and other large organisations. They subsequently provide promotional messages or notifications en masse to their customers or subscribers. Such services are typically used by retail, entertainment and leisure companies to alert consumers of seasonal special offers, weather information or traffic updates, for example.

We also provide bulk SMS facilities. However, our interpretation of bulk SMS is slightly different to the norm because our application has been designed specifically for smaller organisations, allowing them to benefit from a carrier-grade service at an affordable price.

Bulk SMS is the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to reach your entire customer base in one hit. Services are easy to set up and configurations can be saved for future campaigns.

You can send your messages online, via a secure web interface or by email using your existing email application, depending on what suits you best. Our service can also be integrated with existing back- office systems via a Developer’s API.

Our Bulk SMS service supports prepaid users (very popular with SME’s and start-up companies), or monthly invoiced accounts for larger organisations that regularly send in excess of 100 text messages on a daily basis.

Your messages are delivered almost immediately and your customers will respond because, unlike other forms of communication, people do tend to read their text messages.

We have listed below our top ten bulk SMS services that we believe can benefit smaller organisations:

1. Promotional activities – Mobile phones are very personal. By using some subtle info- gathering techniques you can quickly build up accurate profiles of your customers. You can then use this information to carry out targeted campaigns such as a special promotion on party dresses or the best ski deals
2. Payment reminders –Free up your admin staff by reducing the number of phone calls you make to customers reminding them an invoice is overdue or that their rent is in arrears
3. Delivery information – SMS is a great way of informing customers of an expected delivery time. By including a “reply” facility (allowing customers to request an alternative delivery time, for example) you will cut back on the number of wasted journeys
4. Notifications – SMS is an effective way to remind people of appointments or team briefings
5. Time-sensitive alerts – SMS is the quickest and easiest way to inform parents that school will be closed due to bad weather
6. SMS broadcast – This is the quickest way to communicate general information to a particular group of people – sports teams, for example, telling them a match has been cancelled or rescheduled
7. Calendar reminders –Sending employees SMS reminders of their daily meetings or appointments will improve your organisation’s efficiency
8. M2M monitoring – SMS is a highly efficient way of alerting support engineers of a server or storage problem
9. Business continuity – SMS can be used to facilitate your business continuity procedures, thus helping minimise downtime and loss of revenue

10. Voicemail notifications – Integrating SMS into your into your telephone system means you will never miss out on a business opportunity

Our Bulk SMS service can also be used in conjunction with our personalised replies facility, which means that all your replies are delivered to the original sender and not a central holding number or email account, allowing you to build up a relationship with your customers.

Why not sign up for a FREE trial today and see for yourself how bulk SMS could benefit your company.

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