How to make the most from your SMS marketing campaigns

With over 2 billion mobile phones in circulation globally, with over 230 million subscribers in the US alone, and with online purchases made via the mobile web significantly overtaking those made via a PC, it is hardly surprising that mobile marketing strategies are featuring high on the business plans of all corporate brands.

Even though the mobile web is becoming increasingly popular, SMS still plays important roles in mobile marketing. Its revenues may not be quite as lucrative as they once were, but in spite of this, SMS still remains a key revenue generator for the operators, so SMS technology will not be consigned to the museums just yet.

So why does SMS-based marketing remain popular with the corporates? Smartphone penetration may well be growing, but in the UK alone, at least 50% of mobile phone owners do not possess a Smartphone. When you take into account that there are more mobile phones than people in the UK, that equates to a lot of phones.

According to industry research, over 90% of people read their text messages, which is good news from a marketing perspective. What’s more, the conversion rate is 400% higher than that of email marketing, which is even better news.

In addition to a high open rate, SMS also provides the perfect link between your online and offline marketing activities. By embedding promotional codes or URLs into your SMS messages, you are motivating consumers to follow these links and to make spontaneous purchases they might not otherwise have made.

Like all direct marketing activities, however, if you want your SMS-based campaigns to be successful, you’ll need to follow some basic marketing principles. We’ve listed below some tips and suggestions to help you maximise your SMS marketing:

• Incorporate your branding into your message – this will enable your customers to quickly identify who you are and not consider your message to be spam

• Encourage your customers and prospects to “opt in” to your marketing database – if they are “willing” to receive information from you, your campaigns are more likely to be successful. This can be done by incorporating mobile phone capture details in your other marketing activities

• Build up a detailed database that includes information about demographics, gender, age etc. – this will enable you to send targeted messages to specific groups, resulting in high conversions.

• Make sure your messages are informative and useful – SMS has a high open rate so if your target audience perceive your messages to be spam, they are highly likely to request to be removed from your database

• Use SMS in conjunction with other marketing activities – SMS is a great way to engage your consumer in a non-obtrusive way

• Provide consumers with easy “opt out” facilities
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