Use SMS alerts to complement seasonal marketing activities

It’s the time of year when your customers have a plethora of seasonal-related activities at their disposal. For the shoppers, the summer sales are in full swing, for music lovers, it’s festival season, Wimbledon fortnight has just started and we’re almost at the end of the the European championships.

The well-known brands are always keen to capitalise on events such as these to boost their own revenues and as such they run seasonal-based promotional campaigns to coincide with them.


The summer sales are of major importance to the high-street brands. In recent years, the retail market, more than any other, has had to adapt its marketing strategy to keep abreast of our changing habits, as we make more and more purchases online, more often than not using our Smartphones.

SMS is a perfect marketing tool in these circumstances; so long as the message is deemed useful, it is the perfect way to engage with loyal customers and to encourage them to visit relevant websites. Unlike email, most people do read their text messages as soon as they receive them. By incorporating embedded URLs and/or promotional codes into the SMS, it is even easier for shoppers to make those impulse buys.

Holidays and festivals

This summer, more than any other, the majority of us would be interested in the possibility of finding a cheap holiday in the sun because the weather has been so atrocious. SMS provides travel agents with the perfect opportunity to increase their online sales by alerting their customers to the latest deals and promotions. It also gives them the opportunity to deliver other revenue-generating services such as flight/hotel information services, weather updates and boarding information. In addition, including an embedded link to their online customer services department or the ability to request a call-back provides a positive experience to consumers.


With Wimbledon upon us and the Olympics due to start next month, there is a great opportunity for the major brands and service providers to deliver an extensive range of innovative services to their end users. SMS is perfect for match updates and final scores and what’s more, most sports enthusiasts are willing to pay a premium to receive such information.

Why add SMS to your online marketing activities?

  • Direct – SMS pushes itself directly in front of your consumers and isn’t reliant on them pushing buttons or downloading apps.
  • Concise – SMS messages are to the point. Any message that includes clearly visible information of what is on offer will encourage potential customers to respond if they are interested
  • Cost effective – Organisations sending SMS messages in bulk can benefit from wholesale SMS pricing
  • Wide marketing reach – SMS is understood by everyone
  • Personalised – Mobile phones are very personal. By asking some intricate questions, it is possible to build up detailed profiles of your customers which results in more effective marketing campaigns
  • Quick – You can send appropriate messages to pre-defined groups with a single mouse click
  • Easy to manage – Because the majority of online SMS campaigns use email as the delivery mechanism, your sales staff can manage all correspondence from a single, centralised point
  • Easy response mechanism – Offering your consumers a positive experience

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