SMS notification – a perfect call to action for iPhone and Android Apps

eBay made £8 billion in revenue from mobile transactions in 2011 and it is predicted that it will make £15 billion next year.

There are over half a million apps available on iTunes and, according to industry experts, there will be 1 billion Smartphones in circulation by 2016. Not only that, they will become the predominant means for connecting to the Internet.

It is apparent that Smartphone technology is taking our online activities to a whole new dimension and pushing the boundaries of ecommerce to the limits, so much so that unless those companies with customer-facing websites make them user-friendly for smaller screens, they could quickly find themselves losing out to their competitors.

As an SMS aggregator and a provider of different online SMS services, we are reassured by the fact that most developers are incorporating SMS functionality into their iPhone or Android Apps and using it as a trigger mechanism for consumer interaction.

Virgin Australia’s SMS-based mobile boarding pass trial is a perfect example of SMS being used in harmony with Smartphones to help provide a positive customer experience. This new app allows passengers to check-in on any domestic service at any domestic airport via their mobile handset, thus eliminating the need to stand in line at check-in.

Passengers flying between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane can generate their boarding passes simply by holding their smartphones over the scanning device at the check-in gate.

It works as follows; passengers visit the airline’s mobile website and tap on the “check-in” button, which takes them to a mobile check-in page. When they get here they have to enter their 6 digit PNR number and their surname in order to obtain their itinerary. They then have to confirm where they want to sit (by viewing the seating plan and tapping on their preferred seat) and answer a series of security questions.  They can request to have their boarding pass sent to their phone, either as an electronic 2D square or as a QR code via SMS, or they can collect their boarding pass at the terminal.

Even in our Smartphone era, SMS is used as a trigger mechanism or call to action for the majority of APPs.

SMS is still an important communications mechanism for the following reasons:

  • Speed: Messages are delivered almost instantaneously; all mobile phones support SMS and there are no network or latency-related issues
  • Economical:  businesses can negotiate highly competitive rates for bulk SMS
  • Convenient: Most contracts allow consumers to send and receive a certain number of texts for free as part of their SMS bundles
  • Wide marketing reach: SMS is understood by everyone and unlike email, people do tend to read their texts as soon as they receive them
  • Easy response mechanism: SMS provides consumers with an easy yet unobtrusive response mechanism at the push of a button
  • Accessibility: SMS is not dependent 3G coverage

We have been providing online and bulk SMS services for the last six years. We specialise in developing bespoke applications to meet niche requirements. Our software integrates seamlessly with third party technologies via a developers API and unlike our competitors, we offer personalised SMS facilities as standard.

If you are looking to incorporate SMS into your APP development, then contact us today so we can discuss possibilities.

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