A new form of communication – internet SMS

With the advent of mobile phones came SMS, which stands for short message service. Since then, text messaging has become amazingly popular.

Soon SMS was used by everyone for keeping in touch, so much so that there came a time when people started suffering from ‘SMS thumb’ – a condition in which your thumb gets sore due to excessive typing on the phone keypad. However, SMS costs money and hence it was not exactly cheap to send SMS messages frequently or in large numbers.

The internet can now be used to send text messages to wherever you want, all over the world.

Companies and business organisations are discovering the benefits of internet SMS and online text messaging. Email to SMS is a popular way of keeping in touch with employees and informing them about any new developments at the workplace. It’s most commonly used for managing technical staff who are working out in the field. Companies can also use internet SMS or online text messaging to communicate with their customers to promote schemes, offers or products.

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