Email to SMS – easy way to send bulk text messages

Gone are the days of sending text messages through mobile phones. As technology advances, we get more innovative ways to make our day to day tasks easier. Sending a text message through your mobile phone is not very convenient as it requires you to type your message in the small keypad.

A mobile phone has a numeric keypad and different alphabets are assigned for various numeric keys. So if you want to type a message it usually takes more time. A computer keyboard has alphabet keys which are justified properly. So it becomes very easy to type a message. It also takes far less time.

One of the benefits of e-mail to SMS is that you can send bulk messages. You can also send bulk messages to people using your mobile phone but usually to a limited number of recipients.

E-mail to SMS allows you to send as well as receive text messages from e-mail applications like G-mail, Hotmail, Lotus notes, Yahoo, Outlook or any other application. This e-mail to text service is ideal to use for business purposes. You can send text messages to everyone in the organisation or to client lists.

Another advantage is that you can receive delivery reports and replies directly into your inbox. E-mail to SMS is very simple and easy to use and does not require any password or special formatting.

When you create a message, enter the mobile number in the “to” field including the country code and a specified address and send the message. It is that simple.

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